past conferences

"Communication at a Touch: Thinking Historically about the Push-button Interface, 1885-1915." NCA, Annual Convention, Washington, DC, November 2013. Top Reviewed Papers panel

"'Shocking' electrical experimentation: Communicative surfaces of power, control and sensory experience." NCA, Orlando, November 2012.

"Making the portable typewriter personal: Reconciling definitions of human/machine writing." NCA, Orlando, November 2012.

"Don't Be a Button-Presser: Fears of Automaticity at the Pushbutton Interface." Society for the History of Technology, Annual Convention, Cleveland, 2011.

"Push to Talk: A History of Pushbutton Devices as Early Communication and Control Technologies." ICA, Annual Convention, Boston, 2011.

"Framing Visions of Push-Button Warfare: Mass Media and the Technology of Battle, 1945-1999." Communication History Interest Group, ICA Pre-Conference, Boston, 2011.

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